Jane, 38 from Dovecot

‘I was one of those girls walking with my head down and thinking I wasn’t up to it, I wasn’t capable. There are too many women who think ‘I can’t do it’ but they can.’

I started getting active after the birth of my son, Jake, who’s now four. I’d had extreme morning sickness throughout my pregnancy and when that stopped I felt revitalised and I wanted to make the most of feeling good again.

So I joined the local Active Women class. It was an hour’s exercise and an hour for me and my new friends I’d made, chatting over coffee. We all had children under four, everyone had trials and tribulations in their lives, but we suddenly felt that, not only were we getting fit, we were part of something – we were not alone.

Unfortunately the funding was stopped for the class and although me and my friends were gutted we just felt we couldn’t let the classes go. So we set up our own community company and trained as level two gym and Metafit instructors.

Now, I take body weight training and kettlebell classes each week in schools, halls and other centres near where I live and I’m undergoing more training so I can take on new challenges as well.

I’m honoured that I’ve even been given the opportunity to lead the warm-up for Cancer Research UK’s 5k Race for Life in Sefton Park and as part of the This Girl Can Liverpool Give it a Go Month I’m offering free sessions to local women. Being active and facing challenges has led me to places beyond my wildest dreams – I’d like to help other women say that.”

Not long along I discovered I have osteoarthritis, but this hasn’t stopped me. It’s really painful but it has made me more determined, because the physical and mental health benefits of being active far outweigh any discomfort.

Looking after a family and life in general, can get a person down but activity can turn it around. I have seen women walk in with their heads down, no confidence, depressed, and after a few weeks they hold their heads high.