Dianna, 37 from Fairfield

“I run because it makes me feel amazing, healthy and strong.”

Dianna’s journey originally started as a way to lose weight, but it’s actually turned into so much more. Since she’s started running she’s lost the weight, made a lot of wonderful new friends, had more energy, feels less stressed and uses being active as a way of spending time with her kids.

A lack of time had always stopped Dianna making physical activity a regular feature in her life. Being a working mum with two young children, she couldn’t see how she would fit it into her routine and would regularly ‘fall off the wagon’ when it came to being active.

One Saturday morning she went along to Princes Park to try Parkrun. Dianna really liked the community feel of the group and felt such a sense of achievement from completing the course that it motivated her to come back each week, often staying behind to chat with other runners.

Dianna is keen for her children to understand being active is something that everyone can enjoy, so she often takes them along to Parkrun and they join in too. Having a regular slot, where she gets to socialise with other runners has made it a permanent fixture in her diary and after being at work all week the energy boost is a bonus too!

Since her first Parkrun Dianna has become a champion at work, encouraging other people to find an activity which is the right fit for them. She’s taken physical activity into her workplace too with running groups, dance sessions, competitions and step counting challenges.

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