International Women’s Day 2018

This year International Women’s Day will be happening on 8th March 2018.

We want to celebrate sport and physical activity for women and girls (age 14+) who live or work in Liverpool by offering the chance to take part in something new – Pre Registration is essential – please click here

Activities on 8th March

For the full day Lifestyles  are offering access to all the centres for Women and Girls who are non-members – all available sessions are listed below – those with an * MUST be prebooked at the site.

We also have a list of regular sessions below that our local community providers will be delivering and are looking for Women and Girls to come along and take part – First Session Free!

These sessions are subject to change so please check with the provider.

CategoryActivityDayStart TimeEnd TimeLocationContact DetailsAdditional Info
BoxingAnfield Boxing ClubThursday17:3020:00Unit B3 Tetlow Way Langham Street , Liverpool, Merseyside, L4
CyclingBike Ride - HealthinessThursday13:0015:00Croxteth ParkAndy Ireland - 0151 728 8874First Session
CyclingLiverpool Loop Line Ladies
CyclingBreeze RidesVariousVariousVariousDon Thompson - theroost@tesco.net
Dragon BoatDragon Boat RacingThursday18:0021:00Liverpool Watersports Centre, Mariners Wharf, Liverpool, L3
FitnessShe's StrongThursday09:3010:30She's Strong, Unit B10, Business First, 25 Goodlass Road, Liverpool, L259HJ7590018656
FitnessShe's StrongThursday18:0019:00She's Strong, Unit B10, Business First, 25 Goodlass Road, Liverpool, L259HJ7590018656
FitnessTai ChiThursday14:3015:30Porchfield Community CentreGeraldine Mason - 0151 547 4456£3
FitnessDrum and Bass (one off)Thursday10:0011:00Kensington Children's CentreAnne Melia - 0151 300 8421£2 (needs booked and paid in advance
FitnessBootcampThursday09:3010:30Speke Adventure£2
FitnessMamafit ALLThursday19:0020:00The Academy of St NicholasRob Lunn - info@diversehealthandfitness.comFill the form out and take to sessions
FitnessMamafit HIITThursday20:0021:00The Academy of St NicholasRob Lunn - info@diversehealthandfitness.comFill the form out and take to sessions
FitnessRavin' Fit Class with DJ Lee ButlerThursday19:0020:00Lifestyles WaltonBook on by calling 0151 523 3472Free
FitnessCircuit TrainingThursday09:3010:30Jubilee Sports Bank0151 261 9598£4 - 10% off Memerbship - Quote 'International Womens Day'
FitnessKettleciseThursday18:0019:00Jubilee Sports Bank0151 261 9598£4 - 10% off Memerbship - Quote 'International Womens Day'
FitnessExtreme FitnessThursday19:0020:00Jubilee Sports Bank0151 261 9598£4 - 10% off Memerbship - Quote 'International Womens Day'
FitnessKerrys Fitness - 1 to 1
FootballLiverpool Marshall Feds Women's FootballVariousVariousVariousSouth LiverpoolAnnie Wilkins 07501 673382 plodder22@outlook.comContact club for prices
FootballMSB Woolton Womens FootballVariousVariousVariousWooltonNeil Johson 07725 899 622 neilefcjohnson@virginmedia.comContact club for prices
FootballBrazil Girls Womens FootballVariousVariousVariousWaltonDiane Hancock 07971 116935 club for prices
FootballLong Lane Ladies FootballVariousVariousVariousGarstonBecki Gerrard 07835 177165 club for prices
FootballAlder Ladies FootballVariousVariousVariousWest DerbyJolene Murray 07821 562419 club for prices
FootballSouth Liverpool Womens FootballVariousVariousVariousWavertreeTracy Wooler 07970 309027 tracey.wooler@hotmail.comContact club for prices
LifestylesExpress Spin*Thursday07:3008:00Alsop at
LifestylesCircuit TrainingThursday17:0018:00Alsop at
LifestylesCircuit TrainingThursday18:0019:00Alsop at
LifestylesLegs, Bums, TumsThursday19:0020:00Alsop at
LifestylesKettlebellsThursday20:0021:00Alsop at
LifestylesTotal ToneThursday09:3010:30Aquatics at
LifestylesZumbaThursday10:3011:30Aquatics at
LifestylesExpress WorkoutThursday12:3013:00Aquatics at
LifestylesStep AerobicsThursday17:3018:30Aquatics at
LifestylesSpinning*Thursday18:0018:45Aquatics at
LifestylesPilatesThursday18:3019:30Aquatics at
LifestylesSpinning*Thursday19:0019:45Aquatics at
LifestylesAqua FitThursday19:0020:00Aquatics at
LifestylesTotal ToneThursday19:3020:30Aquatics at
Lifestyles50+ Gym CircuitsThursday09:3010:30Austin Rawlinson at
Lifestyles50+ Gym CircuitsThursday10:3011:30Austin Rawlinson at
Lifestyles50+ Chair based exerciseThursday11:3012:30Austin Rawlinson at
Lifestyles50+ Indoor BowlsThursday13:0015:30Austin Rawlinson at
Lifestyles50+ Badminton and Table TennisThursday13:0015:30Austin Rawlinson at
LifestylesCircuit TrainingThursday18:0019:00Austin Rawlinson at
LifestylesLegs, Bums and TumsThursday19:0020:00Austin Rawlinson at
LifestylesSpinningThursday17:1518:00Cardinal Heenan at
LifestylesMetafitThursday17:3018:00Cardinal Heenan at
LifestylesZumbaThursday18:0019:00Cardinal Heenan at
LifestylesSpinning*Thursday18:1519:00Cardinal Heenan at
LifestylesCircuit TrainingThursday19:0020:00Cardinal Heenan at
LifestylesSpinningThursday19:1520:00Cardinal Heenan at
LifestylesTaekwondoThursday20:0021:00Cardinal Heenan at
LifestylesCircuit TrainingThursday10:0011:00Ellergreen at
LifestylesPilatesThursday11:0012:00Ellergreen at
LifestylesHIIT StepThursday17:3018:00Ellergreen at
LifestylesSpinning*Thursday18:1519:00Ellergreen at
LifestylesKettlebellsThursday19:0020:00Ellergreen at
LifestylesSuper CircuitThursday20:0021:00Ellergreen at
LifestylesMetafitThursday10:0010:30Everton Park at
LifestylesFit FusionThursday17:0018:00Everton Park at
LifestylesLegs, Bums, Tums +Thursday18:0019:00Everton Park at
LifestylesAqua FitThursday20:0021:00Everton Park at
LifestylesMetafit PWRThursday09:0009:30Garston at
LifestylesSpinning*Thursday09:3010:15Garston at
LifestylesBody SculptThursday09:3010:15Garston at
Lifestyles50+ AerobicxThursday10:1511:15Garston at
LifestylesHealthy HeartsThursday11:0012:00Garston at
LifestylesAquaciseThursday12:0013:00Garston at
LifestylesSpinning*Thursday18:1517:45Garston at
LifestylesLifestyles PumpThursday19:0019:00Garston at
LifestylesYogaThursday20:0019:00Garston at
LifestylesMetafit PWRThursday17:1520:00Garston at
LifestylesZumba after DarkThursday18:0021:00Garston at
LifestylesTotal Tone*Thursday07:0008:00Millennium at
LifestylesPilates*Thursday11:1512:00Millennium at
LifestylesStudio Cycle*Thursday12:0012:45Millennium at
LifestylesMetafit*Thursday12:1512:45Millennium at
LifestylesBody Pump*Thursday13:0013:45Millennium at
LifestylesStudio Cycle*Thursday17:3018:15Millennium at
LifestylesKettlebells Circuit*Thursday17:3018:15Millennium at
LifestylesStudio Cycle*Thursday18:1519:00Millennium at
LifestylesMetafit*Thursday18:1518:45Millennium at
LifestylesExpress Abs*Thursday18:4519:15Millennium at
LifestylesMetafitThursday09:3010:00Park Road at
LifestylesMetafitThursday18:1518:45Park Road at
LifestylesYogaThursday19:0020:00Park Road at
LifestylesAqua FitThursday19:3020:30Park Road at
LifestylesMetafitThursday09:3010:00Peter Lloyd at
LifestylesAqua Spin*Thursday09:3010:30Peter Lloyd at
Lifestyles50+ Keep FitThursday10:0011:00Peter Lloyd at
LifestylesYogaThursday11:0012:00Peter Lloyd at
LifestylesKettlebellsThursday12:0013:00Peter Lloyd at
LifestylesTai ChiThursday13:0014:00Peter Lloyd at
LifestylesFight Klub Boot KampThursday14:0015:00Peter Lloyd at
LifestylesSpinning*Thursday16:0017:00Peter Lloyd at
LifestylesAbs BlastThursday17:0017:30Peter Lloyd at
LifestylesMetafitThursday17:3018:00Peter Lloyd at
LifestylesPilatesThursday18:0019:00Peter Lloyd at
LifestylesGo Tri SwimThursday18:4519:45Peter Lloyd at
LifestylesLegs, Bums, TumsThursday19:0020:00Peter Lloyd at
LifestylesFight KlubThursday20:0021:00Peter Lloyd at
PilatesPower PilatesThursday18:2019:20Lark Lane Community Centre, Sefton Grove, L17
PilatesPower PilatesThursday06:2007:20Lark Lane Community Centre, Sefton Grove, L17
RunningKirkby MilersThursday18:3019:30Kirkby high school, Bracknell Av, Liverpool , Merseyside , L32
TennisLiverpool John Moores TennisThursday14:0016:00Liverpool Tennis centre , Liverpool , Merseyside, L15
Ultimate FrisbeeLiverpool Womens Ultimate FrisbeeThursday19:0021:00Archbishop Blanch School, 80 Earle Road, L7
WaterpoloCity of Liverpool Swim ClubThursday19:0020:00Liverpool Aquatics Centre, Liverpool, Merseyside, L15

If you want to find out more about what activities are right for you – visit Fit for Me for more information

The International Women’s Day 2018 #PressforProgress Women’s World Sport Initiative will feature ambassadors and allies who actively promote women’s equality in sport. There will be specific features and stories on their website