#passonyourpassion comes to Merseyside

#PassOnYourPassion is focused on recognising and celebrating the hard work and dedication of inspirational female coaches and asking them to share their enthusiasm and passion for coaching with the next generation encouraging them to get involved.

MSP (MerseysideSportwill be celebrating #PassOnYourPassion from the 17th to 23rd July here in Merseyside. During this week we will receive a giant baton which is touring 13 Northern counties over the summer to raise awareness of the role played by female coaches and celebrate their contribution. The presence of the baton will not only provide the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the role played by our coaches, its presence will also provide a focal point for inspiring the next generation.

We are using the term Coach in its wider sense to include instructors, activators, motivators and helpers. Anyone who shows that leadership, energy or passion to get and keep females engaged in sport and physical activity has the opportunity to be involved in the campaign.

Do you know a coach who you feel deserves recognition and could help inspire the next generation?

MSP need your help to identify female coaches across Merseyside who are in a position to ‘pass on their passion’ for coaching to the next generation.

If you are a female coach yourself or alternatively, if you know a female coach who deserves recognition and think they would like to be involved, please click here to nominate.